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BasilZero said:
papamudd said:
How much will the char unlocks be?

Here is how to unlock characters in Tekken Revolution:

When you first start a new Tekken Revolution game profile, you have access
to the default roster of the eight starting characters:

Asuka, Jack-6, Kazuya, King, Lars, Lili, Law, and Paul.

As you gain more GIFT POINTS through Ranked, Player and Arcade matches, the game will unlock more characters that you can play as

  • 1st Character Unlock - 1,000 Gift Points
  • 2nd Character Unlock - 7,000 Gift Points
  • 3rd Character Unlock - 30,000 Gift Points
  • 4th Character Unlock - ?????? Gift Points

  (Note: Gift Points are listed at the bottom-center of the Main Menu.)

The characters that are unlocked are chosen at random from a pool of available characters.

Confirmed unlockable characters so far:

Steve, Alisa, Leo, and Bryan.



Other than idea.

That was a worthless response... (harsh response on my part, but drinking and don't care) I was actually asking about COST not how many gift points needed and I've seen more accurate / longer lists... I thought the OP mentioned being able to BUY unlocks that's the price I wan't to know.

Talal said:
I will permaban myself if the game releases in 2014.

in reference to KH3 release date