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BasilZero said:
AndrewWK said:
Well I already have bought Tekken Tag 2 and they are availbe there so doesn´t really excite me

Yep same here.

Revolution is a F2P game for those who may be new to the series it is a good way to try it out.

I love TTT2 *_*!

Cant wait for the next installment although its ironic cause the last Tekken game I bought before TTT2 was T5 on PS2.

TTT2 I think is the last one for the PS3 so....irony :P.

Yeah Tekken Revolution made me want to play TT2 and so I downloaded it, but did never put any money into Revolution. 

Wan´t Tekken Tag Tournament a launch game for th PS2? or at least a really earlyone, so it seems really ironic that TT2 was released in the last PS3 year.

I think the next one has to be Tekken x Street Figther, and I hope its gonna be better then SFxT