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BasilZero said:
osed125 said:

Ever since Youtube changed the way videos get views (before it was by just clicking the video, now you have to watch the entire video for the view to count), the automatic software that increase your views have disappeared, unless you are Vevo but that's a different story. 

That's why I don't believe this video got automatic views. However, it does seem strange that a video like this got so many doesn't belong to a big official channel and the guy who posted the video only has 20k subscribers.

But well I guess this a case of crazy viral videos that for no reason get millions of views.

They changed it back. It only accounts for watching the whole commercial/ad now to get a view point for monetized views now.

Really? that's weird, I thought Youtube wanted to avoid videos with thumbnails of a hot chick getting millions of views. Sad they changed it back. 

But wait, so that means when people use adblock it doesn't register the view?

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