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When I said "Americans tend to buy more games", I was merely comparing it with the Europeans and the rest of the world on average, and honestly had no idea about the Japanese Gamers, so it's possible that the Japanese buy more.

I specifically excluded the Wii U because I don't have enough data / knowledge / interest to have estimates on Wii U. Again, to me, they are playing a different game.

As a reply to "Brilliant Deduction", I don't necessarily mean, "It's the best, and noone else knows it better" etc. I just mean that I did not just make simple guesses but rather they are based on calculations and accurate observations. Many DIFFERENT people said similar things to the different parts of this thread, but I haven't seen anyone, having a complete (yet limited) estimate. Also you may have lots of guesses and eventually one of them will be correct. But in my case, every single of my estimates have been correct and accurate. I am not trying to boast or anything as an ANONYMOUS person, who cares! Just trying to emphasize that I trust my predictions.

Playstation 5 vs XBox Series Market Share Estimates

Regional Analysis  (only MS and Sony Consoles)
Europe     => XB1 : 23-24 % vs PS4 : 76-77%
N. America => XB1 :  49-52% vs PS4 : 48-51%
Global     => XB1 :  32-34% vs PS4 : 66-68%

Sales Estimations for 8th Generation Consoles

Next Gen Consoles Impressions and Estimates