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I will include all 2010 exclusives in this post, and all 2010+ exclusives in the following post. If you think of any exclusives that I have missed, please let me know. I do plan on keeping this updated regularly as new games are announced. :)

The 2010 exclusives are broken up into three sections, Blu-ray titles, PSN titles, and Semi-Exclusives. :)

2010 Blu-ray Titles

These disc-based games are heading to no other platforms besides the ps3, that we know of at this point in time.

3D Dot Game Heroes

May 11th 2010 NA - May 14th 2010 EU - November 5th 2009 JP

A unique action RPG, 3D Dot Game Heroes is set in the Kingdom of Dotnia. This world was once made up of 2D sprite art like something out of an old school game. However, wanting to attract more people to the kingdom, the king decided to use technology to make everything 3D. This is where something goes horribly wrong, although just what that is has yet to be specified. Pixels rule again in the ultimate retro action-adventure game 3D Dot Game Heroes. Dripping with old school charm, classic gaming pizzazz, and pure retro sexy, 3D Dot Game Heroes is the ultimate homage to the industry's golden era.


Another Century's Episode: R

TBA 2010 JP

The latest in From Software's critically acclaimed and fan beloved mecha series A.C.E., a unique mecha action franchise in the vein of Zone of the Enders that brings together mechs from all across anime history.


Ar Tonelico III: The Girl's Song that Pulls the Trigger of World's Demise

January 28th 2010 JP - TBA 2010 NA/EU

Ar Tonelico III is a console role-playing game produced by Gust and Namco Bandai for the PlayStation 3. It is the third installment in the Ar tonelico series, taking place in the Reyvateil-ruled country of Clusternia, which is within an area known as the Sol Cluster, around two and half years after the event in Ar Tonelico II.


Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland

Q3 2010 NA/EU - June 26th 2009 JP

The popular alchemic RPG series from Gust makes an evolutionary change with Atelier Rorona. The anime style characters and backgrounds remain, but they have been upgraded with a stunning cell-shaded animation style. The basic game play carries over the tradition of the Atelier series, using alchemy as the main focal point. Like the previous series, players can craft new items and also battle enemies using the power of alchemy.


Atelier Totori: Alchemist of Arland 2

June 24th JP, TBA 202 NA/EU

The next Atelier title from Gust!


EyePet: Your Virtual Pet

Q4 2010 NA/JP - October 23rd 2009 EU

This cute little game lets you raise 3D virtual pets with the power of the PS3. Using PlayStation Eye, you can interact with your pet through gestures in realtime. Existing in Augmented Reality, your EyePet will be fully aware of people in the room and will interact with you and your friends in realtime -- it will even recognize items in your room and attempt to play with them! You can play with your EyePet (including tickling, playing chase games and teasing it to jump around,) customize its look and outfit, and even draw toys for it to play with!


God of War III

March 16th 2010 NA - March 19th 2010 EU - March 25th 2010 JP

Set in the realm of Greek mythology, God of War III for the last time puts Kratos at the center of the carnage and destruction as he seeks revenge against the Gods who have betrayed him. A single-player game, this final chapter allows players to take on the climatic role of the ex-Spartan warrior, Kratos, as he treads through the intimidating heights of Mt. Olympus and the dark depths of Hell once more to seek revenge on those who have betrayed him. Armed with double-chained blades, Kratos must take on mythology's darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his merciless quest to destroy Olympus.

Utilizing a new game engine built from the ground up and state-of-the-art visual technologies, the development team behind God of War 3 have made significant strides in giving players the realistic feel of actually being on the battlegrounds.  God of War 3 will feature fluid, life-like characters, as well as dynamic lighting effects, a robust weapon system, and world-changing scenarios that will truly bring unmistakable realism to Kratos' fateful quest. Players will have a chance to join battles on a grand scale with many more enemies on-screen and be able to interact with levels like never before.


Gran Turismo 5

Fall 2010 NA/EU/JP

Gran Turismo 5 takes the series to a whole new level. A first for the franchise, The game supports online racing and features new tracks, a new physics engine, a new in-cockpit view, HD support, and much more. Featuring up to 700 meticulously detailed cars - including vehicles by Ferrari, Lotus and Nissan - for users to race on five beautifully rendered reversible tracks from around the globe, Gran Turismo 5 runs in full high definition at 1080p. Additionally, in conjunction with a robust offline experience, for the first time in the history of the franchise Gran Turismo 5 supports up to 16 players racing head-to-head online, complete with global leaderboards, to quell any question of who is the best driver in the "World of GT."


Heavy Rain

February 23rd 2010 NA - February 24th 2010 EU - February 18th 2010 JP

Heavy Rain is a cinematic and evolving thriller from Quantic Dream, the developer behind the critically acclaimed Fahrenheit. Dealing with a range of adult themes, the game revolves around a sophisticated plot and strong narrative threads that explore a complex moral proposition. You assume the role of multiple characters, with very different backgrounds, motivations and skills, in a world shaped by Bending Storylines - a dynamic narrative design where your actions and decisions will shape your story.


The Last Guardian

Fall 2010 NA/EU/JP

The Last Guardian is the third game by the acclaimed development staff behind ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. In the game, a young boy and a bizarre, gigantic creature form a heartfelt bond as they attempt to maneuver their way through an unfriendly world.


The Last Rebellion

January 28th 2010 JP - February 23th 2010 NA - March 26th 2010 EU

Last Rebellion is an RPG with action elements. Players can roam around the world field and make action movements like in an action game, but once you enter battle you engage the enemy using a turn-based system. During battle, different body parts can be targeted to disable the enemy. For instance, attacks to the legs will slow them down, while blows to the arms will weaken their attacks. By strategically striking key areas of the body, players can strip the enemy of their ability to fight.

There are 2 main characters in Last Rebellion, Nine (male) and Aisha (female). Nine is a Blade, whose specialty is physical attacks, and Aisha is a Sealer, who uses magic spells to attack & seal enemies. The player can switch back and forth between the two during the battle. Since Nine and Aisha share a single, the player must strategically choose which character to execute their attacks first. The player must be aware of which enemies they are fighting against, and use their experience and strategy throughout the game.


LittleBigPlanet 2

Fall 2010 NA/EU/JP

The sequel to the best motherfucking game of 2008, filled to the brim with improvements and evolutions of the original's robust content creation and sharing tools! 



January 26th 2010 NA - January 29th 2010 EU - TBA 2010 JP

The year is 2025. The optimism and harmony of the 2010s were completely eradicated by 2020. A global crisis loomed. Food shortages sparked riots, currencies plummeted, fuel reserves dwindled, and oil-producing nations began to ration what remained. It is a dark future. Governments earmarked money for humanitarian efforts, overseas security, and intelligence services which, over time, found its way the coffers of a small group of Private Military Companies. These three private armies (Valor, Raven, and S.V.E.R.) then began to recruit aggressively. Soldiers without a country, the contractors fight wars that never happened. This is the nature of the Shadow War.

From the award-winning developer, Zipper Interactive, comes the next evolution in gaming -- MAG. A first-person, online-only shooter, MAG lets you experience battles with up to 256 real people across a global battlefield. Players join one of three PMCs fighting each other in a shadow war and can either become skilled operatives or rank up to eventually command their private army to victory. Featuring unprecedented online action of a scale never before devised with player controlled strategic assets such as calling in air strikes, mortar barrages and parachute insertions; the persistent Shadow War in MAG keeps players coming back for more.


ModNation Racers

Spring 2010 NA/EU/JP

ModNation Racers is a thoroughly fresh take on classic kart racing that empowers the player to personalize their entire game. Players can express themselves by creating their own Mod character, styling their own racing kart and even building -- in just minutes -- an imaginative track that can be shared with the rest of the PlayStation community via the free PlayStation Network service. The easy-to-use editing studio tools make this creative process accessible to players of all levels. Not feeling creative? ModNation Racers presents a humorous story with a wealth of pre-made characters, karts, tracks and challenges for all players.


SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs 4

Fall 2010 NA/EU/JP

In South East Asia, a revolutionary army has seized control of a country bordering one of the world’s most vital waterways; threatening to disrupt he global economy. Your mission is to step into the well-worn boots of the Ops Com, a NATO Operations Commander of an elite, five-man squad. You must venture deep into inhospitable jungles, city streets and crumbling urban ruins to engage an army of rebel fighters and discover their plans. Although you’re vastly outnumbered, you’re armed with the latest weaponry and your men are second to none -- but do you possess the stealth, speed and tactical thinking to lead them to victory? Time is not on your side: you have just six days to complete your mission. To emerge victorious, you must lead from the front, maintain control of the situation and fight with sheer intensity.

The defining tactical shooting game franchise continues with SOCOM 4, created by the original design team at Zipper Interactive. A totally overhauled single-player mission structure will put players on the battlefield with more control than ever before, while the 32-player online combat scenarios will test every gamer's fortitude in battle.


Super Dimensional Game Neptune

Summer 2010 JP - TBA NA/EU

In a fictional world called the Geimugyokai (Game Industry), there exists two realms: the realm of the gods and the lower realm. In the realm of the gods, four beautiful goddesses reside over four separate continents. These goddesses possess the ability to transform from normal, cute little girls into anthropomorphications of gaming hardware. However, these four goddesses are constantly in fierce dispute over who is the superior console. Moreover, the number of citizens (read: market share) of each respective continent are the sole source of power for these goddesses. Thus, in order to increase the number of citzens on their respective continents, the four goddesses engage in a 'console war' to determine who is the fairest one of all.


Trinitiy: Souls of Zill O'll


Trinity is an action RPG set in the world of Zill O'll. You lead three characters of different types, Aleus, Daguza, and Zelena, through a massive story that features plenty of optional sub quests.

The game's combat system is party-based, with all three characters using swords, magic, and other attacks to defeat the sometimes massive enemies. The fields of play themselves contribute to the action, changing as you cast magic and break down columns. As an example, you can freeze a lake to walk over it, or pick up a column that's fallen due to your attacks and use it as a weapon.


Trinity Universe

June 29 2010 NA - TBA 2010 EU - October 1st 2009 JP

Combining the talents of the RPG masters at Nippon Ichi Software, Gust, and Idea Factory, Trinity Universe combines the characters of the Disgaea and Atelier series together in an original world setting. Players will take on the role of either a male main character or a female main character. Both of these characters have their own original story with many guest appearances. The game is played out in full 3D with anime style artwork.

Trinity Universe Story (Kanata)

For generations, Kanata’s ancestors have protected the Netheruniverse by transmogrifying into a Demon God Gem. However, Demon God King Kanata refused to become the gem and instead became a Demon Dog King. Since then, he has enjoyed a carefree life in hiding, but he eventually began thinking about the toll of his decision. Accepting the title of Demon God King and becoming the gemstone will stop space debris from crashing into his world. If he could get to the source of the space debris and solve the problem, everybody will be happy. Determined, Kanata goes on a journey to save his world.

Trinity Universe Story (Rizelea)

Rizelea is a Valkyrie who keeps the galaxy’s peace and harmony. She has been keeping the peace for hundreds of years, but one day she decides to go to the run-down sections of the Netheruniverse to restore the peace there. When she arrives, she learns that the Netheruniverse is constantly in danger from space debris and decides to investigate this matter.


White Knight Chronicles

February 2nd 2010 NA - February 26th 2010 EU - December 25 2008 JP

In this fantasy RPG, you take control of a boy who comes into the possession of an ancient artifact. The artifact gives him the ability to transform into the White Knight of the title, a 7-meter warrior from a time when such creatures nearly destroyed all of civilization.


Yakuza 3

March 9th 2010 NA - March 12th 2010 EU - February 26th 2009 JP

The third official entry in the Yakuza franchise (following up on PlayStation 3 after the Edo era prequel Yakuza: Kenzan!) Yakuza 3 continues the storyline following the events of Yakuza 2. The game returns to Kamiyacho, the setting of the original and the primary setting of the sequel, and features Kazuma Kiryu in the main character role once again.

Yakuza 2 added a new location to the game world, a version of Kamiyacho located in the Osaka area. In Yakuza 3, Okinawa has that role. Yakuza 3 also continues with series traditions of making use of famous actors for its voice staff and also tapping into real world brands for in-game signs and shops. The game uses the impressive Yakuza: Kenzan! engine to create a lifelike representation of the hustle and bustle of urban Japan.


Yakuza 4

March 18th 2010 JP - TBA 2010 NA/EU

Another entry in SEGA's Yakuza franchise, this fourth game in the franchise follows up Yakuza 3 in modern times but is said to feature some very unexpected elements that will divert the series into new territory and gameplay offerings.


2010 PSN Titles

These downloadable games are heading to no other platforms besides the ps3, that we know of at this point in time.

Blade Kitten

Spring 2010 NA/EU/JP

Blade Kitten, a two-part, downloadable arcade action game coming to the PSN this Spring, invites players into the world of Hollow Wish where they take on the role of Kit Ballard, one of the best bounty hunters in the business. With her pink hair and tail, Kit is part cat, part girl - and fully lethal. As one of the last of her species, Kit commands her unique "Darque Blade" hovering sword to defeat enemies. Also along for the ride is Skiffy, Kit's laid-back sidekick who lends a hand in collecting items, solving puzzles, and when needed, serves as Kit's protector.

Blade Kitten promises to deliver a strong narrative, with high-quality cinematics, and a colorful, frenetic visual style, that lends to the pick-up-and-play arcade action. Players will jump right in and easily begin exploring and fighting their way through 19 levels, including three exploration levels with Noot (a rideable alien mount).


Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle

Episodes 1-3:
March 15th 2010 NA - 25th December 2009 EU

Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle is a four player co-operative episodic downloadable adventure game consisting of six intriguing episodes. Set in the sleepy village of Little Riddle, the main aim of the game is to follow clues to find the murderer. Along the way you'll also encounter a variety of different and challenging puzzles which help you move through the peaceful world of Little Riddle.

You play as one of the four members of the Blue Toad Detective Agency. The game can be played solo, or with up to three friends. As one of the detectives you move around the village by selecting locations on the map. Choose your venue wisely - will you meet the Doctor and hear his flimsy alibi? Or unearth the Station Masters motivation? Each stop provides an opportunity to meet a different villager and question them on the minor misdemeanours taking place in Little Riddle. With each step of the investigation a puzzle is played to help a villager or get further clues about the case. But pay attention, you will also be questioned by the Chief Inspector about events that take place after each chilling incident. Whodunnit? At the end of each episode you will be asked to choose your suspect before they are revealed and exposed in all their criminal capacities!


Dead Nation


The world's human population has been ravaged by a killer virus that turns healthy people into shuffling, flesh-eating zombies. You are one of the rare survivors yet to succumb to the illness - and it's up to you to fight off wave after wave of undead monsters as they attack in their hundreds.



March 25th 2010 NA/EU - TBA 2010 JP

In Hamsterball, players take control of a hamster-in-a-ball as they run the most frenzied race of their lives. The clock is ticking and everything is out to stop them – with crazy obstacles around every turn, unexpected twists and dramatic drops, each level will immerse and challenge players in new and inventive ways!

Gamers can race solo, play split-screen against a friend, or battle up to six buddies in S

umo Mode to determine whose hamster is King of the Hill.


Under Siege

Spring 2010 NA/EU/JP

The first next-gen project for Portuguese development group Seed Studios, Under Siege is an RTS whcih features a control scheme designed iwth a console controller in mind, a large number of multiplayer and community features, and a special emphasis on user generated content.


Wakeboarding HD

March 18th 2010 EU - March 25th 2010 NA - TBA 2010 JP

Grab your board and hold on tight! Wakeboarding HD drops players into a high-speed, water-filled, arcade experience to maneuver through tracks, perform high-flying tricks, collect bonuses and avoid dangers from exploding mines to bloodthirsty sharks. Show your skills and wreak havoc as the bright and colorful tropical paradise resort transforms into an action-packed extreme playground.


2010 Semi-Exclusives

Out of the "Big Three" these games will only be hitting the ps3, but they will be hitting other platforms as well.

The Agency

Platforms: PS3/PC

The Agency is a fast-paced, action shooter set in an online persistent world—a modern setting of bullets, bomb blasts, and betrayal. Live the life of an elite agent in a world of superspies and rugged mercenaries, who use both high technology and low tactics to accomplish their missions and goals.

Featuring cooperative and competitive play, The Agency is designed to provide instant action and long-term strategy for all fans of espionage, intrigue, and explosive gameplay.


DC Universe Online

Platforms: PS3/PC

The first project out of Sony Online's Austin studio, this action-based MMO explores the various worlds of DC Comics' superheroes and villains. Key collaborators include comic veterans Jim Lee (who serves as the game's Executive Creative Director), Ale Garza, Carlos D'Anda, and Scott Iwahashi, in addition to EverQuest developers, Chris Cao and Shawn Lord.

A massively-multiplayer experience, DC Universe Online brings high-energy action to the forefront with a combat system designed to deliver a fast-paced action experience with the extraordinary powers of your personally created heroes and villains at your disposal. Battle with or against their favorite DC Super Heroes and Villains including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Joker. For the very first time, players and fans will be able to enter this fabled world as an active force for good or evil.


Final Fantasy XIV

Platforms: PS3/PC

A next-generation MMO by acclaimed studio Square Enix by Final Fantasy XI producer Hiromichi Tanaka, this is the second MMO set in the Final Fantasy universe.  A next-generation MMO by acclaimed studio Square Enix by Final Fantasy XI producer Hiromichi Tanaka, this is the second MMO set in the Final Fantasy universe.


Free Realms

Platforms: PS3/PC

A light-hearted MMO designed for a broad range of game players, including children and families. Free Realms allows you to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, in a lush, living, 3D world, filled with rich landscapes and fun wildlife. From pet raising to mini-games like soccer and racing, or battling giant spiders and adventuring with friends – there’s something for everyone! With weekly and monthly content updates, regular and special events scheduled, and even the potential player-created parties and celebrations there is always something new to see and do in the world of Free Realms.


MLB ’10: The Show

Platforms: PS3/PS2/PSP
March 2nd 2010 NA

Last year's version of The Show was already a comprehensive package but SCE Studios San Diego is aiming to add a few new features to the mix while adding some polish to the visuals and gameplay. Longtime fans will be happy to see the return of Home Run Derby, a mode that's spent the last couple years on the bench. The Road to the Show mode has also been updated to include the Catcher position, which had been missing from earlier games.


Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse

Episode 1
April 15th 2010 NA/EU

The new season of Sam & Max begins soon and we here at IGN were lucky enough to get an early copy of the PC version. Having enjoyed the first two seasons, in which the deranged duo successively skewer Santa, cyberspace and the self-help phenomenon, I was even more excited by the trend in this newest season. This season, The Devil's Playhouse, lets Sam and Max tromp all over the clichés and conventions of the paranormal. From the Twilight Zone-inspired narration to the alien super monkey to the mysterious mole cults below the streets, this season is aimed right at my heart.

Credit goes to IGN for most screens and info.