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selnor1983 said:
@ ironman dx & max king of the wild.

bashing is unecessarry from all fronts. The only thing that is surprising is noone has seen a retail ps4 yet Microsoft has shown several. Based on the unamed rumours about being behind schedule etc i would have thought it the other way around. Lets be honest both machines pack a punch in power for an enclosed console. Its probably the hardest release for both companies in terms of yields and heating.

I agree. You should have seen the site when the X1 had DRM, it was ridiculous. Every X1 thread made was either negative and if it wasn't, it got hijacked. I'm honestly annoyed a little that the Sony fans just don't get that and would really like it if i happened to them, if only for a day. I mean, even the Vita gets left alone for the most part!!

Ok, I'm done. I've vented a little! Been up since 3am for work probably hasn't helped my attitude!!