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I think some people on here really need to realise that GameCon is a European event for more European journalists to cover.

The general "my god that was boring whats the point?" etc. seems to be from American posters.

Having a conference like that is a luxury, but it sent out a very clear message that only Sony is currently serious about Europe.

We're getting a Sony console 2 weeks after it's initial debut for the first time ever (even PS3 was 5 months after the US). More significantly, before Japan. This is unprecedented.

MS seem content to carry on the status quo of this generation. Sony seem determined to keep their European territories etc, but also win back market share in the US and UK. This strategy is only going to work for 1 of them and gunning for the status quo won't be it.

RIP Dad 25/11/51 - 13/12/13. You will be missed but never forgotten.