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ganoncrotch said:
oniyide said:
CGI-Quality said:
I don't think Epic dropped the ball here. It wasn't marketed like a mainline title and wasn't supposed to be treated like one. Though 1 million is substantially lower than the 2-2.5mill I once thought it would achieve, I think it's naive for anyone to have expected Gears 1-3 style figures.

Come Gears 4, the sales of this game will matter very little.

MS seems to think differently

OT I dont think the world wanted another Gears, IMHO 4 entries in a series in one gen on one console is a bit overkill, and it was a prequel.

Bulletstorm, dont know what the hell happened their imagine how much worst it would have dont WITHOUT the Gears 3 beta

While I'm not at all disagreeing with you, of the top 10 Xbox360 games sold ever 5 of them have the name call of duty in their title. as well as those there are 5 more CoD games on the machine. Some games can get away with it, Gears just wasn't one of those games, I think everyone had cried out enough manly tears in Gears2/3

COD is the exception, not the rule, but i agree. i dont know how COD does it. But few games can and Gears is not one of them. Never was even close.