carlos3189 said:
I have to say, I really like Gaga's song, pretty well made and totally catchy, on the other hand I find Roar really predictable and repetitive... It's just like a Firework 2.0 but not that good... But I do really like APPLAUSE! =)

I agree with you on Roar its really generic but is nevertheless more catchy.Applause on the other hand is less predictable and it brings a very interasting choice of words however the sound of it is just overproduced and the chorus that attempts to be the catchy part , just doesnt stick in my mind as her previous works lastly after the 2nd chorus she repeats the chorus again i think  it needed something more connecting the  3rd chorus,then just "Touch, touch

Touch, touch now".

Its just my opinion and despite my thoughts on this song ,i still have high hopes for Artpop .