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It was a joyous occasion. The Avatar had just defeated the fire lord, Zuko took his rightful place at the throne and reunited with his Uncle, and the whole word was finally at peace. Everyone had gotten together to celebrate the end of the war, which lasted for one hundred years. All of the friends the group had met along their journey were there. Earth benders, water benders, fire benders, the masters, and even the lame non benders all attended. There was music, everyone was dancing and laughing, and Aang finally got some alone time with Katara. It seemed that nothing could go wrong on such a day.

However, amongst the celebration something truly terrible had happened. Momo, the flying lemur was found burnt to a crisp! Aang couldn’t believe what had happened. Everyone was devastated. It was obvious what had happened. It was a fire bender! But, who would do such a thing? All eyes fell upon Zuko who had just proven himself to be the “good guy”. One person even said they saw a fireball come from where he was standing! Why would he do such a thing? Where did Mai and Ty Lee disappear to? Most importantly, who is going to be next?




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