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So, as we all know by now: Miyamoto is busy with a new IP...we don´t know anything else !

a busy bee Mario for illustration purpose

But that shouldn´t stop us from getting hyped beyond believe and setting our expactations incredibly high so that nothing he can come up with can ever satisfy us (read: The Internet way )

But which Studio do you think is currently developing the title ?

My pick would go to Hal LAb or EAD Tokyo 1.

Hal hasn´t done anything lately (since Face Raider´s for the 3DS in 2011, and Kirby´s Dream Collection in 2012) and they are a huge Studio (145 emplyees by Wiki)

EAD Tokyo 1´s last big game was Super Mario Galaxy in 2007, I know that Studio 1 and 2 shuffle their developers around when one project demands more workforce than the other, but their last project was co-developing Zelda OoT 2011.

What do you think ?