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zarx said:

I am thinking of upgrading my PC...

grabbing a Samsung 840 120GB SSD

Asus Z87-C Mobo (cheapest board with the features I want)

i5-4670K (stock cooler for now then grab a better cooler some time next year and push overclock as needed, I don't expect too much due to the well known heat issues with Haswell but I am not too fussed I doubt games will be stressing it much and I don't do heavy video or anything. it's only $10 more than a 3570K for 10% better performance)

8GB G.Skill RAM (much faster stuff than the stuff I am using now)


As Permalite said, I'd go this the Pro with MLC NAND. If price matters and you're not too worried about speed, you could get a Crucial SSD, which also have good prices and performance.

The i5-4670K is also the CPU I'm looking to get, but I'll go with a mobo in the 150-200 € range, something between the Z87-Plus (right angled S-ATA FTW!) and the Hero (I'm also looking at other boards form ASRock and MSI).

Please excuse my bad English.

Currently gaming on a PC with an i5-4670k@stock (for now), 16Gb RAM 1600 MHz and a GTX 1070

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