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weaveworld said:
nuckles87 said:
weaveworld said:
Yeah let's take away the task of parenting...

Parents don't have much to do with what a child decides to buy at a school lunch.

In any case, these rules are fine, though I'm not surprised people are complaining. If you don't like what's being sold, many students can just bring their own lunch. I understand not all students can afford to do that, but school lunch was never exactly great to begin with. If your going to sell kids crap, might as well be healthy crap.

They have almost everything to do with the choices their kids make... is mother going to tell Little Timmy what lunch he is going to buy at school?

Even in Elementary school, I picked whatever the heck I wanted out of what they were serving. Parents don't have control here. How can they? They aren't even in the building. Do parents stand over their kids shoulders now and tell them what to get?

Mr Puggsly said:

KungKras said:

Eating healthy is not 'being punished'

If parents want to feed their kids crap, they're perfectly free to do so at home.

Being forced to eat healthy is because of fatties is absolutely punishment. Having your rights stripped is punishment.

More like if people want to have some freedom, do it at home.
 don't have "rights". They live under a lot of rules and restrictions. Everyone is effectively a second class citizen until he or she is an adult. Parents and teachers have pretty free reign in what they can tell their kids to do (without crossing some VERY OBVIOUS lines, mind). A parent can mandate that a child will only eat certain things. So can a school. Unless the kid is following some weird religion that requires they ONLY eat shitty food, anyway.