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KungKras said:
weaveworld said:
nuckles87 said:
weaveworld said:
Yeah let's take away the task of parenting...

Parents don't have much to do with what a child decides to buy at a school lunch.

In any case, these rules are fine, though I'm not surprised people are complaining. If you don't like what's being sold, many students can just bring their own lunch. I understand not all students can afford to do that, but school lunch was never exactly great to begin with. If your going to sell kids crap, might as well be healthy crap.

They have almost everything to do with the choices their kids make...

Kids are smart, but they are barbarians. You really think they're going to listen to what their parents tell them to eat when they aren't there to enforce it?

Have you ever been a kid?

Nope i certainly don't think that and most of times i still am.

It wasn't about kids buying the 'wrong' food. It was about parents being an important part of the eating habits a kid creates. Or takes over probably in the problematic cases. Kids buy the food they like, it's up to parents to make sure they also eat enough of the 'right' food in the first place.

And my 2nd post was a direct answer at the bolded. Parents (should) have big influences on kids behaviour. Otherwise... bad parenting. (most of the times)