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SlayerRondo said:
the2real4mafol said:
This is good but people will find there way to unhealthy food somehow. Unhealthy food should be more expensive than healthy food though, which could help with people's health

And what if people want to eat unhealthy food more than to be healthy?

If you tax unhealthy food why not tax sedentary activities? A 30% book tax to encourage exercise? 

I saddens me how little respect there is for individual liberty nowdays.

This will unevenly effect the poor as the rich can just choose more expensive food if they want it more healthy, but the poor simply have to choose food that taste worse if they can't afford unhealthy food that taxing it will do.

People need to start taking care of themselves better rather than relying on government taking away all the bad choices they can make.

I guess people should stop being so lazy and educate themselves. There is a lot we can do ourselves, you are right there but most people think it's inconvienient but if they choose the healthier stuff and put more effort in now they would reap the benefits in health when they get older. I mean what's stopping us from cooking from scratch or even growing our own food? Absolutely nothing. It's cheaper, tastes better and isn't full of pesticides or any other shit. We need to change our mindset on stuff like food. 

I just though a "fat tax" would help but if people want something they will pay any price for it. I can see that with cigarettes, which went from £5 to £7 for 20 in about 5 years mostly because of higher taxes but most people never quit because of price. 

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