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Mr Puggsly said:
snyps said:

I've found that its the skinny ones that live on junk and the fat ones that eat junk after food.. Junk tricks the body.  In other words its the skinny ones I'm worried about. The fat ones need to eat smaller quantities.

No, the skinny ones have better metabolisms. The fat ones have crappy metabolisms.

Also, what do we consider junk? Fruit and veggies seem to be the only things considered healthy.

Anyhow, lets just punish the fatties. Not make everyone suffer.

junk is edible but lacks nutrition.  Grape juice off the shelf is junk compared to grapes You juiced.  Fast food hamburgers (34% beef) are junk compared to meat You grind into burger.  Processed frozen microwave dinner is junk compared to high-temp short-time roasting.


make them all suffer by teaching them responsibility.