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S.T.A.G.E. said:
sales2099 said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

What does a 700 million dollar investment have to do with controlling ai and gaining extra graphical power? That cloud isnt just for gaming. If it was the price wouldn't be so high. The DRM was cloudbased, im sure which is why being online at least once was needed. Azure is supposed to be a system in itself outside of the normal Xbox Live OS.

Well we do know its also for the bolstering of its vast amount of dedicated servers, maybe for a upcoming MMO, but im sure well know more practical uses as time goes by

As I said before though, thats nothing the gaikai based cloud computing cannot accomplish themselves. Both consoles will be in on the cloud trend as they started with it during this current gen and it will continue to grow. Sony will focus on gaming and user experience, MS will use it for much more than just that. I don't really care what that is though, but yeah. I only buy consoles to game. I know the numbers they are putting into the cloud is impressive, but I am sure theres more to be said about its use besides because the reports of MS taking parts of Gamestops profit also was apart of the cloud computing. The Cloud was the bedding for DRM process. The azure system was going to be used to make contact with Gamestop for Xbox One games. For Xbox Gamers thank goodness this was not accomplished.

You should care. its because MS has far more uses for the cloud that theirs will be better. They will use the same servers for gaming or for business applications. Since ms has a large and spreadout business clientel they have server in many countries. Since they deal with busineses they must also be sure to maintain the network and not have any outages. Sony only using their cloud for games would mean there is not a need or revenue source to justify in expanding data centers or making data centers world wide. But really you cant compare the two. One is in the leading edge of the cloud, and the second biggest player in the cloud, the other would be lucky to crack top 5 cloud companies. with the cloud being effective and fast is going to rtequire data centers all over the world.