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S.T.A.G.E. said:

Dude...Sony hasn't even scratched the surface on detailing the abilities of the system they've come up with on Gaikai. We do know Sony has been interested in cloud gaming for a while. They had cloud saving on Plus for a long time bro.

Doesn't change a word I said. Cloud saving is not the same as running games via the cloud, not even close. Gaikai was not amazing performance wise before Sony bought them, and Sony has shown nothing to lead us to believe they have drastically improved. Saying the PS4 can run the same cloud powered features as Xbone just because of Gaikai is just FUD until Gaikai shows us they have stepped their game up.

I mean.. you said that since Sony bought Gaikai, that means PS4 can handle Titanfall just like Xbone. There's no guarantee that just because Sony has Gaikai that it means they have the same amount of servers, the same performance on those servers, the same price to use those servers, etc etc. Not all clouds are built the same. It would be like me saying hey Naughty Dog got Last of Us looking pretty amazing on PS3, that means MS can have Rareware make it look just as good on Xbox 360.