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And all this comes back to Nintendo and their mismanagement of 3rd parties.....who knew!?!?

In all seriousness, fans shouldn't complain about 3rd parties, cuz if 3rd parties didn't put the games they're putting out right now, ports or not, the WiiU would be more barren than it is right now, making the WiiU situation worse, Instead Nintendo fans should complain to Nintendo, just look at the people power which caused Microsoft to drop DRM, I'm sure the same can twist Nintendo's arm s they can get their shit together and spend some of their money, which they're currently hording, to get stuff done right for their fans.

Simply put, Nintendo needs to step up to the plate, and get better ports with added content by talking with 3rd parties, while their at it get 3rd parties to release newer games which will be releasing on the PS3/360 even if Nintendo have to spend a little bit of's not rocket science, Microsoft did it with GTA and it ensured the game come out day and date of the Playstation release, hell they even did it with MGS2/3 back during the xbox days. This is something the platform holder needs to do, the fact Nintendo doesn't bother goes to show how much they care, which is to say, they don't care too much....well that's the perception they give.

Look I understand Nintendo's been struggling with HD development, it's why they've delayed some many games till next year, it happened to Sony and Microsoft as well when the PS3/360 launched. But Nintendo had at least 5 years in which they could of better prepared considering what they saw happened to both Sony and Microsoft, they could of bulked up their teams especially when they started moving to WiiU development, they should of started cutting deals with more 3rd parties early on before the WiiU was even launched, something like what they've done with bayonnetta 2 and X but with BIG multiplat tittles like FIFI, Madden, BF4, and GTA5.

I don't know, the fact that the WiiU isn't getting Madden and FIFI this year, kinda reminds me how the Sega Dreamcast didn't get them either and soon after Sega left the hardware market, Nintendo is not leaving the hardware market cuz they have money, but I'm just sayin......

anyways, my 2 cents.