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ZombieVito said:
Gamers won.

Key word there is GAMERS. Say you're against DRM, a friend of yours comes around on the whole DRM thing while you stay firm against it. He quickly gathers... 7 online friends in a week but only 4 add him to the family group. Not a stretch at all considering everyone is online. He gets 1 game from each person and for arguments sake, they average at $40. That's $200 saved on GAMES in the first week alone. Half the cost of the PS4, not including games, accessories or PS+.

 I would have saved $1000's on games this coming gen, would have money for more games that would eventually be discounted online in coming years like Steam to share and would play games I was 50/50 or so in buying from friends collections thus setting me up as a potential buyer for the sequels/prequels/spinoffs or anything made by that dev if it impressed thus strengthening the market. We sent the console business, or they, back years of progress.

Tell me, how did we win?