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ironmanDX said:
ClassicGamingWizzz said:
ironmanDX said:
I haven't read anywhere yet but if the used game features have changed for the worst, I won't be pleased!

Its like the 360 now , i think ... It changed for the better man!!!

In general, yes. For me, if these features have changed, (unlimited game sharing via cloud for 10 "family" members!) I'll be disappointed. Sad, but true. Eventually gamers would have caught on. 10 shared games is at least $300-400 saved and that would be possible in a year. If you had a full network of 10 especially so!

Don't get m wrong, I'm happy for the people who were going to miss out but what about me?

I share your disappointment.  I had a sharing deal set up with a mate of mine whereby I only pay for every second game and he pays for every other (similar taste in games).

Would have halved my gaming costs for the XboxONE over the generation.

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