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Conegamer said:
Won't predict exactly, but I say Wii U undertracked by 20k, PS3 by 40k, 3DS by 70k and the rest about right.

What exactly came out that would justify a 60% increase in Wii U sales over last month?  That would actually be the best average weekly sales for the Wii U since February.

VGC numbers already show this as the best May for the 3DS.  Adding 70k on top of that would be more than double 2011 and 2012.  Considering Nintendo claimed 3DS sales quadrupled with Animal Crossing, it seems a bit dubious that the average weekly sales in May would be so high.  I also think they'd be singing it from the rooftops if the 3DS did 230k+ in a single week.  That would actually be more than the DS did when Animal Crossing launched, in December.

The PS3 being undertracked by 40k would be surprising as well.