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JayWood2010 said:
Chandler said:
JayWood2010 said:

I have a hard time being immersed when while sneaking through a clicker infested spot, my teammates tumble all over the place, into clickers and everything. But it's all good, they are like loud ninjas or something. I am also not very fond of the trial and error nature of the game, because choosing the sneaking route can fuck you up royally in multiple places. I don't know what Naughty Dog thought when they decided it would be a good idea to implement events at the end of sneaking corridors where you are forced to fight, resulting in everybody you have sneaked past coming after you at once, making sneaking just not a viable option (especially at the school).


I also think the graphics are slightly worse than Uncharted 3, there are a lot of muddy texures, clipping errors and weird lightning.


Right now I am 70% through and I would rate this game a 8.7 because the story and the characters are very very good but in terms of gameplay, AI and graphics this game comes nowhere close to what has been shown beforehand. I hope the E3 TLOU is out the somewhere on some high spec PC. THAT game would have deserved the praise but the one that is on PS3 right now just doesn't cut it.

I can understand that.  I never had a big issue but I understand your opinion.  And the parts you are talking about at the end I elieve they did that on purpose to make it more cinematic with him closing the coors and blocking them off.  I was able to sneak by everybody and then make a break for it to the door XD haha


I don't believe you when you say you didn't have the weak ai issue. I have seen 3 people play through the subway part 5 different times and it was always laughable how the companion ai handled this place. Every single time.


Also, I was not speaking about the part you are thinking of. I was talking about the part after the "boss" where you are in the school corridor and at the end there are 2 groups a 3 enemies who randomly happen to always wander in your direction no matter where you hide. I tried this part about half a dozen times, it's not possible without an open fight. It's a fixed event. And if you sneak your way up to this point you are screwed because everything comes crashing down on you.

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