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JayWood2010 said:
Chandler said:

So much hyperbole in this thread.

P.S.: Gameplay is not a 9



P.P.S.: Joel is sad that the game is such a glitchfest. Couldn't even restart encounter after this one and was stuck.



While I do agree that people are  exagerating about this game being a masterpiece it is still an amazing game without a doubt.  And yes I did encounter multiple glitches which I touched upon.  But i also had to take into consideration this may be the first game that I have played that actually got the zombies to be an actual threat and it is also one of the best TPS on the market.  It adds a sense of caution which you rarely see in games.  The glitches was also at a minumum. The story i have been going back and forth on on whether to give it a 9.5 or a 10 because it is a predicatable game.  The reason I opted out for a 10 is because maybe it was just me who was able to predict it and not everybody else.    The story was also extremely well written and with the added voice acting makes it one of the most memorable games to date.

Anyways, i hope that helps you on why i scored it the way i did.  

I have a hard time being immersed when while sneaking through a clicker infested spot, my teammates tumble all over the place, into clickers and everything. But it's all good, they are like loud ninjas or something. I am also not very fond of the trial and error nature of the game, because choosing the sneaking route can fuck you up royally in multiple places. I don't know what Naughty Dog thought when they decided it would be a good idea to implement events at the end of sneaking corridors where you are forced to fight, resulting in everybody you have sneaked past coming after you at once, making sneaking just not a viable option (especially at the school).


I also think the graphics are slightly worse than Uncharted 3, there are a lot of muddy texures, clipping errors and weird lightning.


Right now I am 70% through and I would rate this game a 8.7 because the story and the characters are very very good but in terms of gameplay, AI and graphics this game comes nowhere close to what has been shown beforehand. I hope the E3 TLOU is out the somewhere on some high spec PC. THAT game would have deserved the praise but the one that is on PS3 right now just doesn't cut it.

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