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How can ANYTHING be overrated? There is, has never been, will never be an universal scale to which you can compare. As such, anything is rated as exactly what a person considers it to be rated, based on themselves and their experience. To call that wrong is to call life wrong - stretching the analogy a fair bit -.

Not agreeing is one thing. It's your opinion, it's your own interpretation of quality and how it affects you.
To call something overrated is to call everyone else wrong because they have a different opinion. And hence, my problem.

Heck, I don't like the Twilight books. I honestly think they're garbage. That doesn't make them overrated as I can see what in them would spark it off with teens these days and how they could gain traction. It's one thing to's another to outright call someone wrong because in your version of the world sparkling vampires are a stupid idea - I am aware of some of the irony / hypocrisy of saying this -.