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Who else here hates this bloated, self-serving, snotty piece of "opinion"?

Every time I read a comment that starts with "This is the most overrated ... " I feel like reaching through the monitor and slapping the ever living daylights out of whoever's on the other side. It's the laziest cop out ever conceived and it serves no purpose than for a gross form of narcissism and of patting one's own back for how "clever" they are.

Everything is "over-*******-rated" these days, everyone's an arm chair critic - without at least EVEN TRYING to offer an informed or impartial opinion -; everything is rated in 0s or 10s, no middle ground, no arguments, no use than to just help in wasting everyone's time.

"It's opinion"...NO, it's NOT! It's a judgement of someone else's opinion, a sad excuse attempt at being cleverer than anyone else.


I felt like venting, you guys are my victims, I'm not even sorry.

If you hate this cancer on the face of internet conversation, have one on me: