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My NNID: NinPie. Add me in order to race in the Official Tourneys on Saturdays.

ATTENTION: Other Tournaments that are hosted in this thread are posted in the second post below this, along with their times. Please make sure to check the second post for those Tournaments/Races as well as the Official MK8 Leaderboard!

Final Information: Tourneys will be hosted on Saturdays in this very thread. However, I'm leaving it up to you guys to pick what time they will happen. Of course I'll pick when it all comes down to it (because it needs to work for me as well in order to be able to set this thread up for a Tourney), but I do want your input. I'm also taking into consideration different timezones, so please post below and enter your option in the poll above.

The final time has been chosen:

EDT: 5:30 PM, May 31st

PDT: 2:30 PM, May 31st

MDT: 3:30 PM, May 31st

CDT: 4:30 PM, May 31st

UTC: 9:30 PM, May 31st

BST: 10:30 PM, May 31st

JST: 6:30 AM, June 1st

Sydney/EST: 7:30 AM, June 1st

NZST: 9:30 AM, June 1st




Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Peach Baby Daisy Baby Rosalina¹ ²
Toad Toadette² Koopa Troopa Shy Guy Lakitu²
  Wendy O. Koopa¹ ² Larry Koopa¹ ² Lemmy Koopa¹ ²  
Mario Luigi Princess Peach Princess Daisy Yoshi
  Ludwig von Koopa¹ ²   Iggy Koopa¹ ²  
Bowser Donkey Kong Wario Waluigi Rosalina²
Metal Mario² Pink Gold Peach¹ ²   Roy Koopa¹ ² Morton Koopa Jr.¹ ²
¹New character
²Unlockable driver
*Mii's weight class is determined by its size

(Source Sited:
~Courses & Cups~

  ~ Mario Kart Stadium, Water Park, Sweet Sweet Canyon, Thwomp Ruins


 ~ Mario Circuit, Toad Harbour, Twisted Mansion, Shy Guy Falls


 ~ Sunshine Airport, Dolphin Shoals, Electrodome, Mount Wario


 ~ Cloudtop Cruise, Bonedry Dunes, Bowser's Castle, Rainbow Road



 ~ Moo Moo Meadows (Wii), Mario Circuit (GBA), Cheep Cheep Beach (DS), Toad's Turnpike (N64)


 ~ Dry Dry Desert (GC), Doughnut Plains 3 (SNES), Royal Raceway (N64), DK Jungle (3DS)


 ~ Wario Stadium (DS), Sherbet Land (GC), Music Park (3DS), Yoshi Valley (N64)


 ~ Tick-Tock Clock (DS), Piranha Plant Slide (3DS), Grumble Volcano (Wii), Rainbow Road (N64)



Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.