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Ok, so now I'm buying a 30$ battery for each of my controllers. That adds 120$ to the cost of my Wii. EDIT: That means. 130+60+120+250= 560$ That includes Wii Sports and Wii Play. Wow. I could get a PS3 for that. Damn the Wii is killer price. Buy Super Monkey Ball, and Rayman. (The 2 party games out right now) and your looking at 660$ + tax where I am that would be 720$. What's so great about that is. I can get a PS3, Resistance, and a controller for damn near the same price... That's with a 60gb model. A 20gb model would be cheaper. 500+50=550 10$ cheaper than the Wii. (2 controllers is optimal for the PS3 because there arent any 3 or more player games worth buying on the PS3. So the PS3 is officially cheaper than the Wii now. :D EDIT2: What I love is for the Nintendo 560$ your getting about 250$ worth of hardware, and for the Sony 550, your getting close to 850$ worth of hardware. Damn I bet sony wishes they could pull those kinds of numbers.

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