My favorite game of all time is either UYA or ACiT (I flip flop depending on which one I played last). GC is also in my top 10 all time. I loved ToD and Q4B is probably my favorite downloaded title ever. This is my favorite series of all time but I skipped the last 2. I gave them a chance (tried the free trial of A4O and the beta for FFA), but they were just not up to that standard the series had. They need to go back to their roots. A more platforming centered game and a level of openness like ACiT would be most welcome. Bring it out in early 2015 before the movie season starts and maybe they'll have a chance since that'll give people time to forget the last 2 and give me confidence they aren't just pumping out another one to make a quick buck (made by the main team too).

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