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LordTheNightKnight said:

Square-Enix Rechristens White Engine, Plans To Bring It To Wii

Taku Murata, general manager of Square-Enix's research and development division, announced at today's GDC session that the company has dropped the White Engine name for its cross-platform game engine. Squenix is now pitching it as Crystal Tools, showing off a fancy new logo that extends the Final Fantasy brand even further.

While the internal, companywide development platform was originally understood to be built for PlayStation 3 development (specifically, Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy versus XIII), it has being designed with multiple platforms, including the Xbox 360 and PC, in mind. Murata also confirmed that a version is being readied for the Wii, which is still very early, but we don't expect it to kick out visuals on par with the PS3.


Not a shock. The engine did start on the PS2, so of coure it could work on other systems.


Also, the new name fits. 


For the most part the differences between a previous generation engine (like the Unreal 2 Engine) and its current generation equlivalent (the Unreal 3 Engine) is the addition of features which take advantage of the increased processing power which (if the engine is well developed) should be optional.