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BenKenobi88 said: Diomedes1976 said: You must be a bit retarded .Oh well lets see how to answer to this mess ..... 1:Phil Harrison isnt Sonys President . 2.You have taken literally out of context the phrase .He was asked what he perceived the rivals strenghts and after signalling them he continued to say the competition had also some things to learn from Sony . 3.The Wii and Wiimote are a complete rip-off of the XaviX console . 4.Before Nintendo was manufacturign the NES Sony was already manufacturing the MSX series ,a game-centered computer wich triumphed in Orient and some places of the world and was house of most Konami and other third parties games which were later ported to the NES . Goodbye . 1. Who said he was the president? 2. It's possible that some things Phil Harrison says gets taken out of context, but as a public representative, he should know better than throw insults around or make the kind of implications that make him seem so arrogant. 3. XaviX sucked. Motion sensing has been around for a long time, we should be glad Nintendo made a good system that uses it. 4. So? Nintendo clearly did better, so what do they have to learn from Sony? Also, yeah....if motion sensing is the future, then the Wii clearly is the future according to Phil Harrison himself. The Wiimote is just simply more advanced than a SixAxis.
1.Original poster said he was the president . 2.Pointing out rivals strenghts and then yours as something they could improve isnt exactly "throwing insults around the internet " .The latter we will let it to Peter Moore (talentless Sony ) and Ballmer (Wii is a low resolution toy for children ) of Microsoft . 3.Have you played XaviX ?.I dont .But it is clearly the "inspiration " of the Wii ,that machine that has been hailed by Nintendo as the most original ever .Just a rip-off .Better ?I suppose by gods sake if it was even worse coming one year and a half later it would be really surrealist . 4.Both Sixaxis (way superior to Sidewinder who could more likely be compared to the PS1 Ngcon joypad by Namco ) as Wiimote are motion sensing technologies ,the WIimote may be superior but in any case they are both obsolete ....sensor techology by Fusion based on ultrasounds(coming to X360,PS3 and PC later this year ) and the motion sensing technology patented by Sony for its upcoming PS3 Eye Toy are far superior .