kupomogli said:

For racing enthusiasts, Drive Club. For your average game interested in racing games, Forza. Drive Club just seems to be targeted at car and racing enthusiasts over your average gamer.Drive Club  being only first person is a clear sign of that.  

We'll have to wait until more information on both though. 


How do people know Drive Club is an arcade racer?  My assumption is that it'd be a simulation racer. 

Here's an interview and from certain questions and answers, Drive Club is a simulation racer, not arcade style like some people here are trying to downplay it as.


Not sure if serious...

Evolution Studios never created a driving sim. Turn10 proved itself to be the best racing game developer in the world for the past decade.
I can't believe you actually said that the guys behind Motorstorm do cater to the racing enthusiasts and the guys behind Forza to the average gamer.

Why don't you bring up Mario Kart as well?



Forza 5:



You can find the whole trailer in 1080p here: http://www.gamersyde.com/news_forza_motorsport_5_1080p_trailer-14081_en.html

It looks awesome.

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...