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staticneuron said: gamingdevil said: The Wii-mote is much more technologically advanced than SixAxis! Why is that repeated so often? Both are bluetooth, both can detect motion and rotation, but the Wii remote has a speaker, rumble and is a pointing device. So........ the speaker, rumble and optical sensor makes it that much more "technologically advanced"? EDIT: I owned the sidewinder..... It has nothing on the sixaxis and I am dead serious.
The Wiimote and the Six Axis have the same chip. MAJOR technology diffrence. The Wiimote has a IR webcam to detect 2 IR LCD. The Wiimote has a CRAP speaker. The Wiimote rumbles. The Wiimote SUCKS down expensive AA batteries. Yup. I'd say it's on a totally diffrent technology level. Just like the Wii is over the PS3.

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