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crissindahouse said:
JayWood2010 said:

Completely true.  We have a huge problem with obesity or overweight in America.  Actually in most of the world.  Other countries are actually not to far behind America.  United States is 3rd with 66% obesity rate.  All of the top 10 are above 60% which includes UK, New Zealand, and Germany.  I actually find that kind of amusing though since these countries make fun of America yet they are also at an extremely high obesity rate.

i believe you confuse overweight with obesity. overweight is pretty common in most countries but that includes everyone above ideal, even if he has so little too much that he will never have a problem with it. but that isn't the problem. the problem is obesity and the amount of people who live with that is higher in usa. 


I'll agree with that.  No argument there :)