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Imagine you went to a restaurant to try out some free food samples. The owners decide to blindfold you and clog your nose so the only sense that would be in effect would be your taste; your sight and smell would not have any psychological affect on the taste of food. So with that in mind, if the owners fed you feces (poop), would you know it was poop? Or would you think it was just some terrible chilli or something?

The reason I ask is because a friend and I were asking if humans, and other mammals, had an inherent knowledge of the taste of feces. He says we do and if a person ate some crap, they would know. I say we don't and the only reason we don't eat crap is because we can see that it's crap and it smells bad. And even if we did force ourselves to eat a serving of poop, we would only know it was poop because of our smell. We don't have an inherent knowledge of what poop taste like imo.

What do you think? Without your ability to see or smell, would you know if you ate some crap.