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Sorry man, but the moment you said 'Libertarian', you pretty much explained why 'equality' is such a terrifying word for you. Equality to normal people means a lack of inconsistency between normal things that often are basic rights. Those who automatically jump to the idea that equality starts coming close to communism seriously need to understand that the US could never, ever end up a communist state without some pretty huge modifications. Also, Democrats aren't communists, as much as people want to believe that. I'm not even an American and I know that.

Besides, you guys have a LOT more things to worry about than screeching about equality. You're starting to fall behind in technology. You're building up your military for styles of war that don't exist any more. Your infrastructure is so spotty that they now figure the power grid is safe from attack just because it's so shoddy (that's a thing). There's a thousand problems that BOTH sides of your government can't fix and I'd be far more concerned about those.