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well, most people say you get what you pay for, and thats true with the DLC and online play of video games as well, the 360's online play cost around 50 a yearish ( i wouldnt know, im still on dialup internet :() and it has the better game library at the moment, most people here say get a PS3 becasue of 2 or 3 games that MIGHT come out, but the truth is, games get cancelled and delayed all the time, like i should be playing SSBB right now, but its delyayed. my point being, dont put all your faith in whats to come, like sony isnt selling as many games as theyd like, and they only get $12 for a new game for a ps3, they are losing like 900$ per a ps3, so mabey sony will go bankrupt, or just stop producing (hopefull but not likely) and the 360 has a bigger community as well, but think about what you really want to play, the 360 has shooters, racers, 1 or 2 RPGs and Xbox arcade, the Ps3 has 2 shooters, like a bunch of mediocre games (any1 remember luanch, oh god) and will eventually have like FFXIII

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