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theprof00 said:

All I meant was that you could level up your abilities in battle with the limit break and materia, not to mention that materia changes to new effects at some points, and you can combo different materias to create new abilities, then you have to use the right armors and weapons to maximize AP gain and effectiveness in battle.

Sure it's not half the system grandia looks to be, but it was a great system that kept every battle feeling worth it.

Ohhh yeah... Materia is a great system... just not similar to Grandia lol.

And Materia is based in Esper system of FFVI the biggest difference is in Esper you learn the skill/magic forever... in Materia the "materia" learn the Skill/Magic and you have to equip the Materia in Weapon/Armos slot to use them... but the system are close.