Guys I dont think he's willing to pay extra for XBL.
If he was I would think he would have mentioned it already, yet he specifically said he cant pay for XBL. You shouldnt recommend the Xbox360 then force him to pay extra for XBL. Remember you have to pay yearly for XBL even if he somehow gets lucky and found a way to pay for a Gold subscription this year, He will have to pay for it again next year, and so on.
you should atleast look for what's best for ministaff instead of pushing your own favorite, he had enough trust to ask for our opinion, lets not lose it.
Though I guess If ministaff isnt big on multiplayer, then its a different story.

foecheezee1 said:
Don't get me wrong. I play the shit out of my ps3 as well, but when it comes to sports or fps, 360. Now the people with a ps3 or a wii will tell you ps3 strictly because they hate 360 (probably never even picked up a 360 controller). PS3 owners will say that because they hate the 360,Wii owners will say that because they'd rather see people buy a PS3 than a 360.
Fact is, based on what you like (games wise) i'd go with xbox w/xbl. If you'll never pick up xbl then get a PS3. Even if you decide that you want a ps3 for the blu-ray (Hoo-ray HD DVD is dead), there's 1 problem, the 360's coming out with their stand alone (according to them, affordible) blu-ray player.

Your attempt to discredit other people's recommendations that are against yours' is pathetic. Your reasoning alone is absurd, not everyone is against the Xbox360, you sound paranoid.

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