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M.U.G.E.N said:
I will note that David Jaffe defended this guy on gaf and twitter. Sounds like a good/ok guy who just had a brain fart or a venting session or something that didn't expect it to blow up so much

"Knowing Adam, he was probably fucking around with M. But I've not spoken with him- he MAY believe that, he may have just been kidding. I honestly have zero idea about that part. But I honestly hope he doesn't get fired for it. I know so many of you guys who are opposed to 'online only' don't care (and that is certainly your right) but this is a real human we are talking about with a family and trust me when I say that he's one of the good ones. You may disagree with him about this issue (assuming he really meant what he wrote- and yes, that was his responsibility to be aware of how stuff reads on Twitter and how hungry folks are for news about next-gen, especially from someone with his job title) but I assure you guys: if you knew the guy, you'd be feeling really bad for him right now and really all works out great for him.

Not asking you to change your mind or anything- just giving my perspective on it.

Thanks for reading-


Was that posted on Twitter or over Neo? because i cant seem to find it anywere.

Gaf. He posted like 2-3 times on the matter

and another user pointed out that they have worked together in the past so I guess they knew each other well

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