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Bristow9091 said:
PlaystaionGamer said:
I have Always wanted to play it! But I heard its so hard I know I will struggle like mad haha! I really hope it hits Eueope PS+

Well, if it's Demon's Souls you're wanting to play too, I could definitely make a wager: I bet you die during the tutorial.

I liked how Dark Souls was pretty much open world in a sense, but I didn't die nearly enough as many time as I did in Demon's Souls, although I got scared at some parts... as in, y'know, literally scared... I think the reason I didn't die as much is because I'd already played Demon's Souls beforehand, so knew what to expect when it came to fighting enemies and the boss strategies, even though some were completely different.

Yeah, you should really pick the game(s) up, they're fun and hard at the same time, and if one of them is going to be on the EU Playstation Plus, that'd be great!

oh, for sure.  i flew though dark souls compared to demon's souls but my xbox friend (who obviously didn't play demon's souls) failed miserably at dark souls at first.  he learned but it was really hard for him at first.