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Good ,these dates show the estimations of this page are about right as they show an increase of 1,5 million aproximately of X360 in december from the data of 30 november . 8 million isnt a bad number ,the problem is that they opened too much the mouth many months ago about the 10 million head start and now it seems they will need some months more to reach that 10 million figure sales slow down in january and february they can go as far as april until they reach teh 10 million . The data for the Wii is very important also ,and here it seems to have been underestimated by this page . For the PS3 it seems this page has also underestimated something the sales ..if they had at 24 december 750 000 consoles sold in NA and 400 000 in Japan they can hardly be at 1.21 million right now especially taking in count the strong week in Japan has been the 24-31 one and the strong PS3 shipments of endyear in NA .