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ishiki said:
NotStan said:
Anyone else was utterly hacked off by Handymen on hard difficulty? They're near fucking impossible. And that ghost section. Jesus.

I'm playing it on hard.

I haven't had too much difficulty with the handymen, but they're huge sponges on hard so you I had to be really patient.

I'm at the 3rd ghost siren.  Having the same boss 3 times within like 1 hour isn't exactly cool. If you have that fire bomb, or shock jockey upgraded. You can burn the corpses, so they can't be revived, and die infinetly, if you didn't know. Then kill the boss. 

Well fuck. I just lowered the difficulty to medium on the siren. I got to siren on hard then just switched to medium, that was my first playthrough of the game too, and I haven't played any PC FPS games since CS:S about 4 years ago, bit disappointed at the length now that I think about it, it was about 10 hours playtime to get to Siren on hard for me, and I haven't even had that much experience lately.

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.