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ministaff said:
twilight princess hands down.

the ninetndo wii will outsell the ps3 and the 360 combined by the end of 2008 guaranteed.

the wii will outsell the gamecube by the last week of february.

the wii will outsell the xbox by the end of april.

mario galaxy will eventually outsell halo3.

PS3 will outsell the 360 june 09.


Wii: 45 million

xbox360: 24 million

PS3: 19 million 

 Some of your predictions seem a little bit off, i dont think the wii will sell 45 million by the end of the year. it will not outsell the 360 and ps3 combined (i hope) and i highly doubt that SMG will outsell halo 3, becuase there are only 3 Nintendo games that have kept selling for months apon months, the two highest were 70 months (mario 6 golden coins and the legend of zelda links awakening) and the 3rd which has been a top NINTENDO seller is SSBM.