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Is this game linked to Bioshock in a major way? Girls name is Elizabeth and she was a lamb.. The man character in 2 was called Elizabeth Lamb. Bookers initials are B.d which could mean big daddy! And Elizabeth was his little sister in rapture, there seems to be a hella lot of correlations between the different bioshock games which I find fascinating.

Also was the baptism the pivotal point, where he had to make the decision, crossroads of sorts so by dying there, he was never Faced with that choice, therefore erasing the alternate possibilities? There are so many bloody references to the ending throughout the game, but they're so cleverly hidden, it's impossible to distinguish them and realise what the ending is going to be.

Also fontaine was very similar to fink, so I think there is a small possibility tht rapture is just an alternative universe of this damned cycle.

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.