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Dr.Grass said:

It's been a while coming.

Just accept it everyone.

Steam is the awesomest thing. Dota2 is the best game ever made. No more running away. No more hiding. Just embrace the change. Some of my friends have clocked THOUSANDS of hours on Dota2. It's the closest thing to a sport ever. No need for much else in gaming.

Sure, I'll get a PS4 for Metal Gear and a few other games.

But Valve has given me everything I actually need in super cheap, super sleek package. If they bring out a console you'll see what a loyal fanbase really is. Of course it won't be a "console", just a pc box. Open sourced and compatible with everything. Oh linux.

Gabe Newell for president. Of the world.

Are you telling me that skilled Dota2 play doesn't revolve entirely around running away and hiding, like in LoL?