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Tu quoque fallacy. Please address the actual argument and refrain from fallacies. 

You are impossible to talk to. 

- We can compare HandHelds Consoles and Home Consoles. They have common factors, including gaming (the main point of Gaming Consoles.)

- No one would think to compare the things you've brought up, all you're doing is being sarcastic.

I'm done. Those are my final points.

No I'm not impossbile to talk to; I've just been educated in how to debate correctly. Your argument is completely vaccous and based on utterly arbritary reasoning, reasoning which you have yet to even attempt to justify. I'm guessing you haven't finished high school? I say that because your argument is devoid of logic - compare handhelds to consoles because they do generally the same thing, but don't compare other items that do generally the same thing as one another. The hell?

It's disappointing to see your replies lack substance and then see the attitude you convey when this is pointed out. 

I would agree with NinPie on this, actually.  The main purpose of both handheld and home consoles is gaming, and, thus, comparing sales trends between them is not necessarily apples-to-oranges.  The 3DS's  very weak start and partial recovery can be examined to see if the Wii U is capable of doing so as well (software, advertising, pricing, etc.).

The main purpose of a micra and an aston martin is to get from point A - B. 

Both farmville and Black Ops are games. 

Now who compares the above? The point of a handheld it to provide PORTABLE GAMING, not just gaming. 

The experience provided by handheld and home consoles are similar enough as to warrent comparisons; that is the point. And, by gaming, I'm being a little more specific than saying they both entertain.  The sales of both are driven by very similar means.  For instance, if some mega-selling software came out on the 3DS, it could bolster the handheld's sales in general.  So could it be for the Wii U.  Moreover, that which caused the 3DS's sales uplift (pricing, modeling, software, or whatever else happened) might be done to the Wii U.  That's pretty much what happened with the PS3, anyways.


To lavish praise upon this title, the assumption of a common plateau between player and game must be made.  I won't open my unworthy mouth.

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