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CGI-Quality said:
JayWood2010 said:
CGI-Quality said:
JayWood2010 said:
zarx said:
JayWood2010 said:
Go ahead and put me on the list bro :)

I will assume that you have the ccredentials to join the master race

lol  Yeah I have a gaming computer that can run Far Cry 3 on max.  I havent tried Crysis 3 yet.  I may need to upgrade my graphics card here soon

Not sure how you felt about Far Cry 3, but you are going to be floored by Crysis 3!

Far Cry 3 has beautiful enivronments XD  I played the Crysis 3 demo but of course that is multiplayer and i know the Singleplayer will look different.  I dont think ill be able to max it out honestly though.  

i5 2500k CPU
16.0 GB of RAM

I think ill need to upgrade my card before running it on max settings

A 680 should do the job for Crysis 3 (unless, of course, you have cash to burn and can plop down for a 690/Titan). Also to note - Crysis 3 takes advantage of multi-core CPUs, so you'll be OK on that front (clock speed?). And 16GB of RAM is plenty for any PC game, as you know.

Ehh, ill stay away from $1000 graphics cards.  No need on having something that powerful unless you are either programming or modding (Photo realism)  in my opinion.