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axumblade said:
JEMC said:

^Well, I also did that, but the translation that I got was a mess.

The part whare it says that we'll be able to atack specific body parts is interesting, I wonder how they will implement it.

It's pretty hit or miss. The translation that is.

On topic, I am really interested in the game but I'm not sure if I will go for the PC or the PS4 version. I want the PC version but I think that the PS4 will probably have better specs than my computer...which isn't super impressive. I still need to get through the other 2 games first though. I think I might work on them after I finish the Bioshock games (since we apparently have a decent amount of time between now and when The Witcher 3 comes out).

I'll get it on PC like the other 2 games so I can import my savegames.

Please excuse my bad English.

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