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happydolphin said:
Gamerace said:
DevilRising said:
My first console was an Atari 2600, and I "grew up" with the NES. I won new consoles, but I would absolutely consider myself an "Old School Gamer". Even on the newer consoles, my fav. titles tend to be the ones that if not blatantly retro styled, at least with "retro" sensibilities, IE games that actually seem like VIDEO GAMES, not playable films.

Amen to that.

Like Dragon's Lair for example.

Every form of electronic entertainment has blanded itself together under the banner known as "videogames".  This includes games, adventures and also interactive fiction.  Because the videogame industry has a longing to be like the movie industry, there is a push for a story, acting, "memorable characters" and whatnot, and hung up on that.  In light of this, the two biggest impact IPs this generation are likely Angry Birds and Minecraft that have NONE of that.

Speaking on Dragon's Lair, I happened to end up seeing a video on YouTube how the single player campaign of the latest Medal of Honor game way WAY like Dragon's Lair.  You had to do things EXACTLY, or you would die.  Was it "Angry Biscuit" or something who did it (British guy)?  And someone can then go and post the modern FPS map vs that of Doom map.  It seems FPS also changed when they got rid of the auto mapping in the game, due to going 3D with the maps (Quake first to change this).  So, you do have things, in effect, where if you add something, you can lose elements of gameplay in there prior.